A Letter to my One Year Old

I am so glad  that I am done with the supplier ratings. There are so many other things that I want to write about. There are still some snippets and learnings from the parties that I want to share. Someday, I will blog about them. For now let me end the birthday series with this letter that composed for my birthday boy. I started composing this sometime in June. I rewritten it so many time because I could not find the right words to capture how in love I am with my boy.  Not just that, I wanted, my letter to remind me later of how this boy wonder made me feel, made me wish, and made me the mom that I was when he was still a baby.

I hope I will remember to read this letter again years from now. The best time will probably be after  being called to the principal’s office for the first time. 😛


To my dear little bulate,

In a few weeks, we will be celebrating the first 12 months of your young life, the happiest, most fullfiling 12 months of your Dadeh’s and Mameh’s lives.  I can’t wait to show you off to our guests. I am sure everyone will be amazed with how big you have grown, how pogi you are and how charming and smart  you  have become. And I will be there, smiling proudly as your #1 cheerleader and stage mother.

I can’t believe you are gonna be a toddler. I don’t think I will ever be able to let go of my baby. Someday, it will be difficult to get a kiss from you. You will ask me to stop smothering you with kisses, to stop taking too many pictures of you, to stop planning parties in your honor. You will ask me to stop treating you like a baby. I used to wish I could fast forward the days. You were a newborn and your non stop inconsolable crying was driving me crazy. Now, I wish there is a pause button so I can keep you small and wrapped in my arms.

Although being your mummy is not at all easy, I want you to know that I would not want  to live my life in any other way. You bring out the talents that I never thought I had. Because of you

…. I am a composer

…. I am a sleep trainer

…. I am an impromtu story teller

…. I am a teether

…. I am a wrestler

I love you so much. You make me want to be the best mummy and the coolest playmate that I can ever be. Although I haven’t slept for 8 hours straight since you were born, I truly love being your Mameh. You bring out the best in me. You make me want to learn

…. how to bake fortune cookies

…. how to make a double star with rubber bands

…. how to make and fly a kite

…. how to do some magic tricks

…. how to teach Dadeh how to ride a bike

Because of you I don’t worry anymore about where I will be in 5 years, or what will I be doing by then. I know what I want to be. I am where I am supposed to be. And that is being your mummy. Because if you, I look forward to

…. mornings so I can see you do that super stretch to start your day

…. lunch so I can clean that messy, satisfied and thankful face

…. evenings so we can cuddle, read a book, and smother each other with good night kisses

I am blessed to have you in my life. I am thankful everyday. I am grateful to you for a lot things. Thank you

…. for that proud look and big smile every time you discover something new.

…. for those wet CPR-like kisses that make me feel like I am the most loved person in the world

…. for the excited  waving arms that welcome me home from work and melt the stress away

…. for that curious wonder that makes me see the world in a whole new light

I wish I could stop you from growing up. I wish I can keep you little forever. You will grow up. You will make me and your daddy proud. You might even break my heart one day. Know in your heart that it is okay. I have forgiven you even before you have done anything. Just the same way, I have fallen in love with you even before we met. You will always be

…. my little bulate

… my Aki kitikiti

…. my favorite wrestler

…. my ultimate Marie monster

…. my Akingking tambuchingching

…. my lovey dovey hunny bunny, cutie patootie, bantootie pururutie baby

And I will always be

…. your number one cheerleader

…. your personal paparazzi

…. your obsessive compulsive party planner

…. your one and only mother

I love you to bits!



14 thoughts on “A Letter to my One Year Old

  1. marielle says:

    awwww. Your letter reminded me of ” Suzanne’s diary to Nicholas”. It was the most heartbreaking book I have ever read.

  2. Hi there! Been reading your blog for quite some time. *Sigh* Very touching letter. I could somehow relate because I have a little sister who’s more like a daughter to me. Babies are so adorable talaga no, even if they sometimes make us go crazy 😀

    • so true!
      now that aki is turning our house upside down, mas winiwish ko na sana lagi na lang siyang maliit at pwedeng yapusin, for my sanity’s sake. hehe
      your baby sister is adorable!

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