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A November to Remember

Can you believe December is a few days a way?

Thankgiving is not celebrated here in the Philippines but until a few weeks ago, me and my office seatmate Rosie decided to make thanksgiving a weekly habit. Rosie and I bond over fun questions. Questions as silly and shallow as “if you were an office supply, what would you be?” to deep and reflective ones like “If you can ask God just one questions, what would it be?” . Lately, we decided to regularly ask each either what are the things from the previous week that we are grateful for.

Here are the things that I am thankful for and excited about this month:

– The much awaited trip to Dapital Arcade. I’ve been wanting to go there ever since I heard about the place in 2002. On my birthday last last Friday, I took a leave and went to Divi with my BFF Bingky. One of these days, I will blog about my DA loot, one of which are Marth Stewart plates worth 50 bucks per piece.
– I started my herb and veggie garden! I now have 2 kinds of basil, mint, dill, coriander, lots of oregano, chilli, ginger and spring onion.
– Childproofing, check! Finally! I bought stuff to make our home safer for the little tornado even before we moved in last April. I’ve been wanting to put the stuff but kept on forgetting. Thank God for long weekends!
– Manang Lydia. She’s the perfect all around kasambahay and yaya. She used to work as a janitor which explains why our house is spic and span. We stopped getting the services of gardeners because she maintains our garden. Because of her we get to eat homemade palitao and bananaque! And now, I know how to remove the stains because of stickers.
– I used our oven for the first time and am proud to announce that my first baking escapade was a success!
– My themed plate collection. Now am excited to hold more themed parties in the house.
– Speaking of parties, the queen bee themed farewell party I organized for our ex-senior manager, was also a success.
– My wallet was snatched a few days before my birthday. I hope those snatchers were pissed when they only found a hundred peso bill. After a week, I got a call from a good soul who found my wallet!
– We won in the lotto! Yehey! We got 3 of the  6 winning numbers and won 150 pesos!
– I am in love…. with Sharon at Home magazines! I want to try all the recipes and projects. If you know where can I find back issues, let me know, ok?
– This time of the year, less people are resigning. Which means, as an HR recruiter, less work for me. Yey! I also have a new role in the company and am really excited.
– Our hardworking, dependable daddy, got promoted! Good job, bebe!
– Our blue and red Christmas decors and the Christmas traditions that I want to start.
– Aki’s Jollibee stuff toyS. I was only planning on buying the Jollibee toy but since the other characters are just as cute, I got all 5 for Aki. They were supposed to be our Christmas gift but we could not wait until December 25 to see Aki’s excited reaction so we gave our gift early.
– Aki’s baby tricks. When we say, UNO DOS TRES then at QUATRO, he’d put his hands on his head with matching bedimpled smile. What is interesting is that nobody thought him this. He learned this after watching his favorite Vaseline commercial.
– Aki’s baby signs. If he wants something, he’d get your hand and put it on where he wants you to do something. It is great that he can now communicate if he wants to wear a particular pair of shoes  or open the ref, which by the way, he can now open by himself.

Life is good!

2 thoughts on “A November to Remember

  1. congrats, maqui! I’m new to baking din. I just started last October and I’m enjoying it. Yun lang grabe ang taas ng meralco bill namin this month! hehe! almost everyday kasi ako magbake, di ako mapakali pag walang baking for the week 🙂

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