Aki's Airplane 1st Birthday · Memoirs of a Mummy

Air Akira Airplane Party: Restaurant

I am probably the only host who do not prioritize the guests’ tummies. I did not book  our caterer based on the food tasting. I booked Lins Foodhouse because it was the most affordable caterer that I could find. It was a 3PM kiddie party. It just did not feel right to spend so much on making sure the adults go home full and satisfied when they are off to dinner in a couple of hours after the party.

Since I was not paying much, I did not expect much. For 180 pax for spaghetti, mixed veggies, fish fillet, pork in mushroom sauce, and beef teriyaki plus a chocolate found and bottomless iced tea, what do you expect? Surprisingly, a couple of guests loved the food. I thought it was so so. The spaghetti looked liked a palengke spaghetti. The fish was dry. The pork and beef dishes weren’t bad but were yummier during our food tasting.

Then again, I paid little so I was not in the position to expect and demand in terms of quality of food. I am still thankful to Lins because because of them, we were able to invite 100 adults, 30 kids, and afford nice costumes, a great host and  other nice to haves.

I would recommend Lins for smaller parties. I didn’t notice a head waiter and that is probably why the waiters seemed lost at the start of the party. It would have been nicer if they were more proactive in serving drinks while guests were waiting for the party to start. Aside from that, I did not experience the waiter horror stories that I oftem hear, like taking home the left overs for themselves or demanding guests for tips.   Lins also gets plus points for giving in and buying  cloths last minute for my request for specific shade of blue for the tablecloth.

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