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Air Akira Airplane Party: Check In Counter

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The gift table was named Check In Counter. It’s on this table where guests left/checked-in their presents for Captain Akira.

To his parents’ delight, Aki received lots of toys, many of them high tech. The kind of toys that I would not buy myself because they are expensive. Thank you  so much generous and thoughtful  friends and family. I don’t think we’d be buying any new toys for the next two years.

After we opened all the beautifully wrapped presents, Aki’s cute and cozy playroom became cluttered and confusing. There are just so many toys! Aki got hyper everytime we’re in his room. He’d play with one toy for a few minutes sometimes even just seconds, then move on to another toy. Thank God, I finally had time last Monday to organize his toys. I sorted  them based on age appropriateness. The ones for 3 years old and up are hidden inside the big Chicco box. The ones he can play with a few months from now are behind it. So now, only those toys recommended for kids 1 year and up are within his reach. I also decided that we will try to keep the toys inside their boxes so it would be easier to stack and store them.

We love and are thankful for all of the gifts that our prince received. There is one gift though that stands out. This kinda freaky wind up plastic toy that we now call Baby Glory. We named it after its giver, Lola Glo, Aki’s great grandma from Franco’s side. During the party, Lola told me a couple of times that she got Aki a very nice gift. With eyes that are slightly slanted and a bottle that goes up and down, Baby Glory is one interesting scary gift. Funny Lola Glo, also included an OPENED, yes opened, pack of lollipops. Thank you, Lola!

6 thoughts on “Air Akira Airplane Party: Check In Counter

  1. so true! toys are super expensive. we only buy toys when they are on sale (like 50% or more), and we choose the ones na gusto nya talaga.

    hahaha! pag-uwi ulit namin next year mag-playdate tayo since taga-BLS naman tayo parehas 🙂

  2. we left the toys that aren’t age appropriate for him yet. we’re going home next year & hopefully, madala na namin dito.

    can i just say that i love looking at Aki’s pictures? he reminds me of Dade a lot! same facial expressions kasi & pati hairline 🙂

    1. i thought you gave away the toys. nakakhinayang naman if that happened kase super mahal na pla ng mga laruan ngayon. most of the toys that aki received, i would not buy myself kase ang mahal. and aki seems to enjoy the toy as much as he likes playing with their boxes.

      i forgot to tell you. on the day of dade’s birthday, napanaginipan ko kayo. i looked out the window daw and saw you and dade in s stroller. neighbors daw pla kami ng in laws mo. hahaha. i wanted to greet him on his birthday sa blog mo but i think i forgot about it.

  3. wow! daming gifts! i’m sure mas natuwa ang Mommy & Daddy!! 🙂

    Dade also received the Fisher Price book that sings & says ‘hello’ 🙂 despite telling our friends that we prefer getting clothes, sippy/straw cups and shoes as gifts, we still ended up getting LOTS of toys. we had to leave the other toys and brought a handful only to Dubai.

    1. Sinabi mo pa!
      Oh my. What happened to the toys left here? He might outgrow them.
      Thanks for mentioning. Now I know what gifts to give and avoid to balikbayan kiddie birthday celebrants.

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