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Air Akira Airplane Party: Loot Bag-gage Claim

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The label in the picture says Duty Free but it should have been Baggage Claim. We arrived late for our own party. So amidst the chaos of organizing the other tables, Immigration, Check-In, Restaurant and Candy Shop, I forgot to check if the labels were placed on the right tables. Anyhoo, my original plan was for Baggage Claim = Loot Bags and Duty Free = Prizes.

Just like the baptism, the sub-theme of this airplane party, was frugalicious. Each of our lootbags  with contents, costs no more than 50 bucks! It goes without saying that I am extremely proud of my little feat.

Special thanks to Rosie who accepted my 5 pesos challenge. As I mentioned in a previous post, I get some of my groceries from their wholesale store. I forced , errr, challenged her to come up with 8 treats with  a budget of 5 pesos per loot bag. And ever dependable Rosie delivered and exceeded my expectations. Total cost of of her goodies was Php 4.83 per bag. Thanks again, Rosie!

So what is inside these nifty thrifty fifty peso bags of goodies?

Bubbles – 8 pesos @

Jackstone set for girls – 6 pesos @

Yoyo for boys – 6 pesos @

Flying Plastic thingie – 0.5 pesos @

Small Sticker booklet – 3 pesos @

Brainy Baby CD – free! gift from a friend who works for a company that partnered with Brainy Baby

Cebu Pacific Barf Bag – free!


The 4.83 peso sweet treats were Marie Munch in two flavors, Mini Moby pack, Mini Choc-ki Choc-ki, Lips loliipop, Pintoora sour candy, Frutos chewy candy, Champi hard candy, and Potchi candy.

And the colorful lootbags? Only 17 bucks at Divi! They are colorful and they are useful. Some of the kiddie passengers and even their mommies are now using the bags as lunch bags.

One thing I am thankful for is that we were able to save one for Aki. We had lots of extra bags but when we got home, I was surprised that none was left.

6 thoughts on “Air Akira Airplane Party: Loot Bag-gage Claim

    1. I got it from divimall. i forgot the stall number pero mejo malapit sa security office.
      Some bags have animal prints. My fave is the yellow bag with animals inside a school bus. 🙂

    1. Hey Dot! How’s the party preps coming along? I am sure mataray dahil antaray ng wedding mo! tanda ko pa ang details until now. hehe
      What’s your theme? We are planning a small party with a theme na feeling ko bagay kay Izzy.

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