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Aki’s Airplane Party: MyPartyRocks Photobooth Rocks!

Family comes first.

So in this series of supplier reviews,  I will blog first about my sister’s new venture, MyPartyRocks Photobooth!

Getting a photobooth was not really part of our plans because of budget constraints. A month before the party, we decided to get one because we changed venues, from a spacious interesting museum, to a small provincial-elementary-school-like hall. Luckily, we found another venue (the venue horror story deserves its own post so I’ll just blog about it next time). Because we almost settled for the hall, we thought of getting a photobooth so guests would forget how un-nice the hall is.

A week before the party, we still haven’t settled the details with the photobooth supplier. Because work was piling up, I decided to cancel our reservation so I can focus at work.

…and then angel Jana came. Hehe. My creative sister, who also made the name tags and bag tags for the party, surprised me by sponsoring the photobooth!
Two things that set MyPartyrocks apart:

– super affordable and flexible packages. I have searched high and low for affordable photobooths and theirs is the most reasonable. I also like that their clients can just book one hour and decide during the event if they want to extend for 1 or 2 or 3 hours. 

– set up. Their set up allows them to adjust the focus depending on the height and number of guests. Because of this flexibility, kids who pose for their photobooth, are at the center of each frame. Unlike with other booths, where only the heads of kids are seen and 90 % of the frame is just the background.

Highly recommended!
MyPartyRocks may be reached at 09272442453 / 09283523854.
Their Facebook home is www.facebook.com/mypartyrocks

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