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Sneak Peek of Aki’s Birthday Party

Am so excited to share the  pictures and stories of my most awaited day of the year, Aki’s birthday party.

You see, I started conceptualizing this party, way before my first stretch mark came. I finalized the theme around April last year. I knew that regardless of the theme,the amount of money burned, the size of the cake, Aki will have no recollection of his first party. So might as well, plan a party with a theme that my next favorite kids, my nephews and nieces, adore.

The party planner was … drum rolls please… me! Around 90% of the creative direction came from my scatterbrained self. From the design of the backdrop to the wordings of the invite. From the “signages” to the floor plan. It  was mostly me! As I jokingly told my friends, the party was for Aki and his mommy. hehehe.

As OC and as hands-on as I was, budget was still a major concern.  Franco and I agreed that we will spend no more than 50K for this event. Unfortunately, we exceed the budget but the deviation was only by 15%. Not bad considering we had 100 adult guests and 30 kids. Would you believe, we only spent less than 50 bucks on each lootbag? 

I thank the patient suppliers, and supportive family and friends who executed my ideas. It would not had been a success without you!

So without further ado..
Here are some pictures from the party

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Can you guess the theme?
I will blog about the party soon!

10 thoughts on “Sneak Peek of Aki’s Birthday Party

  1. naunahan mo pa ko, Maqui! haha! i am so behind my blogposts. ayan, dapat ma-inspire na ako nito. 90% done na ko sa suppliers’ ratings ko na hinihintay mo…lol!

    i love the theme! your FA outift is just simply fab! mala-Pan Am ang dating 🙂

    i know this venue. we’ve been to this clubhouse before in BLS, and we just love the place! i’m glad your, er, Aki’s party was a success. kudos to you & your hubby for pulling off such a wonderful party 🙂

    1. Thanks, gracie!
      i am glad malapit na matapos ang ratings mo. kase yun blackberry post mo, 10 times ko na atang nababasa. hehe.
      btw, we are having a playdate with th south n@wies and kids. in cas uwi ka this november, sama ka ha

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