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Aki’s Birthday Wishlist

1. Cotton Shirts from Gingersnaps. Funky designs without sacrificing comfort.  Size 24M please!

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2. Love You Forever  Book by Robert Munsch.  I shed some tears when a classmate in college read this book in front of the class and I cried again after reading  my c0-N@wie  Clarice blog post. I wanted to buy the book for Aki but my budget limit for book is only 100 bucks. I have been scouring BookSale shops but haven’t had luck finding a second hand book.

3. The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint Exupéry . Franco lives by Machiavelli’s The Prince so it would be so cute if Aki has his own “prince book”.

4. Musical Instruments. Looks like Aki is not like me who does not know how to make and appreciate music.  He got his musical genes from his bassist Dadeh who represented his high school and won first place in a Yamaha sponsored concert contest. Aki likes to bang things together. When he likes the sound that he makes, he shows off his gummy smile and shakes his head excitedly. Am sure the little boy would love to receive his first xylophone or drum set on his birthday.

5. Gift certificates from Blow Up Babies or the Picture Company.

6. Shoes! All of Aki’s shoes except for his training  shoes were mostly  gifts. I wanted to buy him more shoes  but since he outgrows them fast, it was only recently when we started walking did I see the need to have shoes.

7. RSVP from invited guests. Hehehe.

See you friends and fam in the party! Don’t forget your costume!


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