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Enter October

If my September was bull$h!+, October is all about being bullish.  October was the most anticipated month last year because of Akira’s arrival. This year is no different. Well, let me take that back. October is still the most esxciting month of the year but  this year’s October is worlds away and different from last year’s. For one, my waistline and boobs are smaller now. Last year, I had piercing pain in my lower back. Now, it is my arms’ turn to be painful. Carrying a 20++ pound baby for a few minutes is like working out. Last year, I was trying to imagine a little face who has Franco’s eyes and hair and my nose and lips. Now, that little face sleeps beside me (sometimes on top of me).

One of these days, I will blog about :

– my latest investment: an elliptical bike!

– our new househelp/yaya: Manang Lydia! Love love love her.

– my birthday party preps. We found a perfect venue and booked it last May. Last Sept 20, 27 days before Aki’s birthday party, the perfect freakin’ venue cancelled our reservation. What da what da what da F! 

– a collection that I am starting for Aki: Palanca award winning children’s books.

– Security project phase 1: check! We now have new doors and grills for our windows.

– my newest discovery: cheaper diapers from online shops. From 15 pesos a piece, we are now using diapers that only cost 7 pesos. 

 – more locally made, all natural baby products that we are now using

– our big fight against that bad bad dengue mosquito bite

– Aki’s first studio photoshoot. I was fun and it was F-R-E-E!!

– I won in the lotto! seriously, I did. Not a lot of money but winning is winining and I love winning anything.

So many things that I am thankful for, I wish I have the time to blog.

By the way, big thanks and cyber hugs to those who have been visiting my blogs. I have been getting almost the same number of hits everyday even if I was MIA for 2 week.

Am ending this post with this picture of Aki last week:

7 thoughts on “Enter October

  1. Hi there!

    I’ve been visitng your blog for quite sometime now and to my surprise.. whoola! an entry from you 🙂

    Can’t wait to hear more from you. Please do post where we can buy Cheaper diapers from Online shops. and.. more pics of Akira please 🙂

    1. Hehehe. Been really toxic lately.
      How was Akira’s party? Basing on the pics in FB, looks like you had fun. Wish ko lang Aki won’t be fussy on his party.
      Will post the diaper story this weekend

      1. The party was fun! although there were only a total of 3 kids who came at the party 😦 Last minute cancellation is arrrgh. Most of the guests tuloy were “kids at heart” hahaha.

        Don’t worry, I’m sure Aki would have fun. I’m sure mas excited ka than Aki & Franco. hehe.

        Looking forward for more entry from you. 🙂

  2. hi sis! mapi here from n@w.
    good luck in your party planning! 🙂 hope you feel better now with party preps and your new yaya. 🙂 God bless you!

    1. Hey sis! Thanks for dropping by my blog. I wanted to post a comment on your post re: Jungle party but I’ve been so busy lately. Anyhoo, thanks for sharing!
      I am thrilled to be part of your blogroll. 🙂

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