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Stressed and Depressed

So many stressful events happened last week.

Work. For the first time since I got engaged, I stayed in the office past 1AM! My shift started at 7:30 in the morning the previous day. So many things to do, so little time. Don’t get me wrong. I love what I do. I can recruit and recruit and recruit until I retire. However, lately,  I hadn’t been in the zone. If you are familiar with the 7 Habits Principles, I am in the point where my day is filled with not so significant sand and pebbles, leaving me with no or little time for stuff that really matters, like coaching my new assistant and setting expectations with clients.I really hope I get my groove back soon.

At home. Jane went to an OB Gyne last Wednesday because of a painful bukol. According to the doctor, she has a cyst and should refrain from working for the meantime. So the next day, we talked about the one thing that I have been fearing for, her resignation. Let me be more specific, her immediate irrevocable resignation. After our heart-to-heart talk, I contacted Gigi, who like Jane used to be my aunt’s kasambahay. Gigi texted me last week if I need an additional helper. I told her no but I will refer her to me friends. In the back of my mind, I knew that there’s a possibility that Jane might leave us, so I didn’t give her number to my friends. Gigi said she can start today. yey! Thursday, during my lunch break, I hurriedly looked for Smart padala booths. I found one and sent her 2000. She said 500 would be for her fare, the rest of the money for her children. Jane was nice enough to agree to stay with us for a few days once Gigi is here for some training and transition…… But wait there is more! Just when I thought all is well, Gigi informed me yesterday that her mother was rushed to the hospital. She offered her cousin as her temporary replacement. Since I am not comfy leaving Aki and our house with someone I don’t know, I told Gigi to ask their doctor for an idea on how long will they be staying in the hospital. If it will just be for a few days, I’d rather wait for her. Then today, just a few hours ago, she informed me that her mother passed away. Big sigh.

Family. My Ate Julie’s husband passed away yesterday. Kuya Dindo is only in his 30’s. Their baby is only 2 years old. They just celebrated their 2nd wedding anniversary a few months ago. Ate Julie is one of the nicest people in the world. She sacrificed her career to look after my lola. Kuya Dindo is nice too. They were not a couple yet when he was introduced to us. Back then we saw alredy how his personality complimented my cousin’s. Ate Julie is a toughie while Kuya Dindo is kalog and funny. Life really is unfair. Pls include them and their son, Dominic, in your prayers.  

Aki’s Party. All major suppliers are already booked. If I weren’t OC crazy for parties, then we are all set. But I am OC crazy. I want to make powerpoint presentations for my suppliers and discuss my concerns and requests with them.

Grandparent’s day. It is been a week already but I can’t help myself from missing Mama and Papa, my paternal grandparents. Both are already in heaven. I will always remember Papa for letting me snack on Milo powder with a little water. When I was in Grade 2, they left for the US to look after my cousins. I remember crying myself to sleep everytime there is a letter from Papa. Mama on the other hand will be remembered for always wearing her signature jewelry even if it is just a normal day in the house. She used to spend every morning teasing her hair then spraying it with SprayNet. She’s very proud of her house and would be thrilled everytime there’s an opportunity to tour guests in the house. Now that I am a homeowner and a mother, I am seeing how much I wish I was like Mama.I wish I could take care of myself, of my house and of my family the way she did.
There are many things to be thankful for but with all these happening at the same time, overwhelmed is the best word to describe how I am feeling. All I want to do is close my eyes, and take deep,slow breathes.

PS. Since Jane left, we evacuated and have been staying with my in-laws. Thank God for in-laws who live near their children.

PS2. Jane will be under medication for 1 month, after which doc will assess if surgery will be needed. Jane’s meds are not at all budget friendly, even for me. Her meds, which are not available in generic pharmacies, for 3 days cost 600 pesos. Next week, she will be prescribed another medicine, which according to the doc is even more expensive, and which she will need to take for the next four weeks. If you know places where we can find cheaper meds,or organizations that can offer financial support, pls let me know.

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