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More on Baptism Details

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Based on the stats generated by WordPress, many of the vistors of my blog landed here by looking for baptism giveaways and DIYs in search engines. In celebration of my blog’s sixth month birthday, let me share more of Aki’s baptism details.

We gave away cactus pots. Baby cactus for the general guests and bigger pots for the godparents.  I looked for poems in the net, mixed ’em altogether to come up with poems that I like. I printed the poems, taped a toothpick on each print and planted them on the pots. Cute noh? My mom and inlaws got a framed poem that I also got from the net.

Form my printing needs, I go to Tronix. Their customer service is usually great. Plus,  there is no minimum number of orders. Lastly, what I like most about Tronix is that they use photo papers that do not have the brand printed on the back side, giving the prints a more postcard-like feel.

My favorite detail is the guest sheet. It’s cheap, easy to make and and makes very good momentos of the day. I am not a fan of guestbook. Answers are always generic, boring and forgetable.

survey says..

Aki looks like his dad (overwhelming 70%)

His most noticeable physical feature are his eyes (30%)

His favorite food will be chicken (30%, FYI, I don’t eat chicken)

Math will be his best subject (30%, FYI, I got an Uno in my Math 100 class. One is the highest, 4 the lowest)

Many predicted that Aki will be a martial arts champion (30%, Franco is a black belt in Aikido)

I love that several guests thought of me as intelligent and creative and Franco as good looking (bwahahaha), funny and sociable.

My favorite answer was from my officemate Judah

You look like… an angel! Naks, friend talaga kita, Judah!

PS: The guestsheet in the photo was answered by our youngest guest, Cedie who was only 3 years old last Feb. That explains the scribbles


I always reply  when I receive requests for copies of the poems. Please check your SPAM folder if you haven’t heard from me. Look for the MaquiFranky sender . 

11 thoughts on “More on Baptism Details

  1. i’m glad i found your blog. i’m a first time mom at 45 and i want only the best for my baby ( but i want the “nagtitipid” mode also. May i ask for the copy of ninong and ninang’s poem, the survey sheet and the supplier of your cactus.’thank you so much in advance.


  2. Your blog is a delight to read! I am planning our little one’s baptism as well. And with DIY, frugal, and eco-friendly as the theme, your site has given me a LOT of ideas. I hope you don’t mind if I copy you? I will be posting a blog about our little one’s baptism and will link your site to it.

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