Memoirs of a Mummy

Monster shirt

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I can’t get over the fact that my baby is growing up too fast. Tomorrow, we will celebrate his 11th month. One more month to go before he becomes a toddler.
I have heard it many times before. Babies grow up fast. Don’t blink your eyes. Ang mga bata parang hinihipan lang. I have heard it too many times that it is like hearing drink more water and eat more greens. You know they are true but you don’t really take time to absorb. As I have mentioned in a previous post, the last thing this kid needs now is a new shirt. But if his growth will keep up the pace, we might as well  stock up on more clothes. (ehem ehem, ninongs and ninangs)

I also mentioned in another post that our local market lacks cool outfits for baby boys. Looks like Gingersnaps read that post. They recently released a line of monster themed shirt. How cool is that?! Cool but not cutesy. Monsters and not sleeping wimpy bears. I just had to get one for my son.

I originally picked a 12M shirt. Perfect for Aki. Actually too perfect. In a few weeks, it won’t fit anymore. I went back to Gingersnaps Shangrila to exchange it for a 18M size. The difference is just one inch in the length and the width of the chest so I just decided to get a 24M hoping Aki will not look like a hiphop in it.

And so on the day before the cough/phlegm/vomitting/fever ordeal started, we tried the shirt on Aki for the first time with matching khaki shorts and slippers. If I shave his head and give him a golfer’s umbrella, I say he’d look like a UPLB student from the circa late 90’s. Exactly my type!

A new shirt means it is pictorial day. I noticed that we don’t have a lot of pictures showing our house’ facade so it was decided to take pictures in the garden/driveway.

To my surprise, Franco also picked his prenup shirt. That can only mean more pictures!

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