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I love/hate you, Globe!


The most responsible customer ever is my husband Franco. That is why he is the overall in charge when it comes to our bills. Even if he just came from night shift or still needs to catch up some zzzzzzzzs, he’d stay up a little later or wake up earlier than usual just to pay. And he pays, way ahead and most of the time more than billed amount.

So, I imagine his face when the customer care representative from Globe informed him that he will not be able to make calls and send messages until he has paid his dues. Now,  imagine my shock when my husband told me that Globe’s charging him a freaking 17K. What da F! Franco’s bill never reaches 600 pesos and now it suddenly jumps to17 grand. Namen!

After some investigation, we found out that the sudden spike is because of the 5 hours that we used Franco’s sim card to browse the net. When, we just got our Globe Tattoo, we could not figure out how the little thing works. We tried Franco’s mobile sim and it worked. And because I was so excited to finally be able to blog again (our neighbors used to share their unrestricted WiFi), I upload a lot of pictures and downloaded some files.  After 5 hours, we learned that the reason why the Globe Tat wasn’t working was because its balance was ZERO.  After that, we have been using the Globe Tat prepaid sim.

Apparently, post paid lines are charged per kilobyte by default  and not the per minute rate which isthe default for pre paid. The per minute charging will be activated only after texting a certain key word to a certain number. And that explains the 17K bill.

To this, husband argued to the Globe call center agent that his credit limit is only 2.5K. Thus, he should not be billed more than that amount. Plus, this charging system of Globe Tattoo was never formally explained in writing to us. Lastly, my husband added that as a responsible customer for 10 years now, he does not deserve this crap. Of course, he said that in a more diplomatic way.

After a couple of days, we got a call and a formal letter to inform us that the 17K fee is WAIVED! Umm, actually, we still had to pay the credit limit of 2.5K. Nice. I am not complaining but I am not exactly thrilled that we need to pay for something that was not explained to us in the first place. Anyway, thank you, Globe. You can expect our patronage in the years to come.

I am also happy that Globe came out with new post paid  packages. For the longest time, I was on Plan 800 which I had not been able to maximize since I only call and text my mother, my sister and Franco who now lives with me so I don’t really contact him as often as I used to. My line was locked for 2 years because I accepted the PhP200  monthly retention plan. As soon as the lock period was up, I changed to the Php 399 MySuperPlan unlimited texting plan. It was the cheapest plan as of June. Calls and SMS messages to other networks will be charged on top of the 399. Not bad. Recently, I found out about about My Fully Loaded Plan. Now, I am on Plan 299 which is comsumable and comes with 200 free SMS messages and 10 minutes of calls. Another great thing about Globe’s new post paid plans is that customers can change their plans every month!

 I know this sound so weird and geeky but I am really excited to see our next bill!

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