Memoirs of a Mummy

A new shirt

is the last thing that my boy needs.

This is how his closet looks like…How can someone this little own so much stuff?!

and there is still a medium sized box filled with clothes that don’t fit him yet.

Since there is hardly a space for new gimik clothes, Mummy’s favorites (changes from time to time depending on her mood) are proudly displayed in one of the walls of Aki’s playroom.


And because he does not need a new shirt, I just got him a preppy hat. How cute! The price is even cuter! For just 120 bucks, who can resist? Henry Sy, I love you! Let me know if you can be Aki’s Boy Scout ninong a few years from now.

 I have been on a search for nice not wimpy-looking caps so we can get rid of the too cutesy cutesy baby bonnets for months now. I saw really cool caps at Shop Familia but the prices are unacceptable, if you ask me.  If I remember correctly, 900 each. They went on sale (I think the sale is still ongoing) but 450 for a headgear is not practical for a kid who hardly goes out.

He wore it last at Martina’s party (thank you for inviting us!). With his collared shirt (thank you, Kuya Collin!) , he looked like a baby golfer!

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