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LF: Slow Mo’ Button

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Waaah! My Tommee Tippee baby is growing up so fast! Look at the sunbathing pictures I posted last April. Aki lost those cheeks, has more hair now and is getting too likot for my arms.  I need a massage! I need more arms!

He is on his tenth month now. He has officially been living on earth longer than he did inside my tummy. This time last year, I was posing for Atty Fortun’s camera named Bad Boy. Two years ago, I was having blast during my bridal shower with Cosmo hunks at the Austin Power Room of Victoria Count. Now, Aki and I are recovering from the stressful sickie week. I wonder what I will be doing this time next year.

In two months, we will be celebrating his 1st birthday party. We are almost all set. I have been bugging my officemates for RSVP’s even if I haven’t sent out the invites. Haha. I am so looking forward to the party but I am not so ready yet to let go of this baby.

While I am excited to see Aki walk by himself ( he walked 3 steps last week but has yet to do it again ) , I know  walking will lead to running and to hiding and to  begging him to come closer and give me a kiss.

I wish life comes a remote control with slow mo’ and  pause buttons.

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