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Calamansi Crazy

I love calamansi and everything that tastes like it! I love ice cold calamansi juice especially on humid days, and hot calamansi juice when I am sick. My comfort lazy food  is Lucky Me Pancit Canton Toyomansi. I also love lemon squares particularly the ones from Becky’s.


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A different kind of trade show

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Last week, Franco and I went to a different kind of trade show. This one is different because

1. Franco was one the who insisted that we go to this gun show. Now that we live in Paranaque, going to Megamall on weekends is like chore. Mega is just too far. The trip is too hot and a good parking spot  too elusive. But not for my husband on this special day.

2. This trade fair is packed! And most of the window shoppers/buyers are guys. It was nice though seeing dads and sons bonding.

3. Prices are almost always fixed. Maybe because it was a guy thing to go there,  I did not see anyone who tried to haggle.  Definitely not my kind of trade fair.

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