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The Tooth will Set You Free

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The first week of August was a week of firsts for our then 9 month old bulate. First time to sit, pee and poop on a potty chair.  🙂  First time to have a sprain. 😦  First time to drink from a glass by himself. 🙂 First time to brush his two little teeth. Weeeee!

As I mentioned before, we are big fans of Tommee Tippee. So when the time came to buy Aki’s first toothbrush, I went straight to the TT shelf in Baby Co. Their toothbrush is reasonably priced at php150++ for a set of three, 2 gum massagers and one real toothbrush. 

I was on my way to the cashier when something caught my attention.

A toothbrush with a stopper from Pigeon!  How smart of the guys from Pigeon. I have been looking for a spoon with a stopper but it was only at that moment did I realized that toothbrushes with stoppers will make brushing safer for my kid. Now brushing isn’t really a dangerous activity but when you have a curious kid like mine who pushes his fingers inside his mouth until he gags, you’d want safer options.

The downside is the price. For PhP150 a piece and PhP350++ for a set of three, it is a mommy holdap! It would also be better if Pigeon will sell toothbrushes with cases for babies who travel. Since the one that we have don’t come with a case, we put the little brushie inside a small ziplock bag.

Since Aki’s aim is still not perfect and he treats his toothbrush as a teether, I use a finger brush to clean his teeth.

And if you are looking for a spoon with a stopper, Combi has one. The thing is they don’t have Combi in Baby Co. in SM Makati. The Combi shelf in Shangrila Rustan’s only sells forks with stoppers. Will check on Combi in Rustan’s Makati this week.

2 thoughts on “The Tooth will Set You Free

  1. maqui, i got my son a 3-piece toothbrush set. i forgot the brand. it comes with a stopper too. its not as expensive as the one from pigeon. 70 bucks lang ata!

    thanks for the tip re combi spoon. ill go check rustans asap!

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