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Japanese Party for our Sumo Daddy!

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Last Saturday, we celebrated Franco’s big three-O with family and closest friends. Franco knew all along that we’re gonna have a party in his honor. What he did not know is that I was working on a theme close to his heart, JAPANESE! You see, my husband is a sucker for anything Japanese (except for hentai and anime, hehe).

With just one week to prepare, I searched the net for inspiration. I did not have to look far for decor ideas. We call our guest room, the Japanese room, because that is where Franco’s Japanese collection is displayed. Kimonos, samurai swords, Japanese dolls, painting, mat, books, divider, CHECK!

For appetizers, we served Japanese rice cakes with tuna spread and apple slices. Yum-oh for a last minute recipe that I invented. For the main dishes, we had tonkatsu, sukiyaki (c/o MIL. Thanks Mama!), gyoza, yakiniku (my husband’s favorite!), Sushi/Maki platter, tuna and salmon sashimi. The last three, I ordered from Wasabi, a small stall beside SM Hypermart (where Makro used to be) in South Expressway. The gyoza deserves its own post for the stress it caused all of us. It was our first time to make one. It took me more than an hour to wrap 60 pieces. I cooked the first batch by arranging 10 pieces in a pan with oil and water. You know the gyozas are cooked when the botton is already crispy and the water has evaporated. I only did the first batch.  I decided to enlist the help of MIL’s helper and Franco’s yaya, Ate Patti for the rest. I put the gyozas in a plate and sent them over to MIL’s house. Wrong move. The gyozas sticked to each other. Poor Ate Patti had to redo them all over again. With just a few minutes to go before the party started, we had no choice but to make steamed siomais out of my gyozas. 😦 (BTW, 1 kilo of ground pork makes more than a hundred dumplings) We also made Sputniks, which is my Tito Kiboy’s lazy version of morcon. Not at all Japanese but it was the birthday boy’s special request so I had to give in.

The other decors and whatnots, I bought from SM, Party Tools, Choto Stop, a Japanese grocery along Pasong Tamo in Makati. From SM, I bought black and red plates and pillow cases. The six servinng plates costed me only 300, pillow cases only 250. Centerpieces were white bowls containing Japanese candies from Choto stop and a small Japanese umbrella toothpick. To complete the look, I displayed Franco and Aki’s framed baby pictures beside the little bowls. The black and red balloons added party feel to the house. Instead of the usual chipipay looking strings, I asked Party tools to use curling ribbons. Super cute and the kids loved them!

Speaking of kids, we only had three. Aki and our half Swiss neighbors, Chloe and Margaux. Their very nice parents gave Franco a bottle of St. Remy! Thank you, Nor and Sacha! It was our first time to invite neighbors to come to our house and am really glad we did. We have new friends and Aki now has playmates.
My favorite detail? Hands down, the Japanese cake, cupcakes and mini cupcakes! Not only were they extremely cute, they are super duper yummy. I did not expect much because of my budget and because the order was last minute, but KitKat, a N@Wie sis,  blew me, our guests and the sumo daddy away! 
Invites were done my by a friend. These are the wordings (c/o me!),



My Yokozuna Dadey is gonna have Sumo Partey!

Join me as I greet my otosan a happy happy 30th birthday.

Date – Aug 14, Saturday

Venue – 219A Dojo

Time – 5PM

Attire – Pls wear red.




 Cute noh?!

As expected our family came wearing red. Franco’s beer-kada, however, were not cooperative! Hmmp! hehehe.

For the entertainment, I went to Makati Cinema Square to buy a DVD collection of Japanese pranks. My husband is crazy about these pranks. It would have been a great addition to the party. Unfortunately I did not find any. I went to each of the stalls in MCS but none of the vendors knew what I was talking about. I had to think of something else. I thought it would be cheesy if I asked everyone to gather around the TV and watch an AVP. So instead, I just displayed Franco’s pictures from babyhood to fatherhood using our digital Photoframe (Thank you, Tita Elout for the gift!) The frame was playing all thoughout the party so guests could  watch the slideshow anytime they wanted.

It rained for a few minutes, promptng everyone to come inside. Some guests left already by then so we had enough space and seats for everyone. The boys played serveral rounds of poker before continuing the party outside. The party ended at 2AM with my very drunk, talkative and happy husband vomiting twice. Hehe

Maybe in a few years, we will throw another Japanese themed party. This time for Aki when he is old enough to appreciate the culture and cuteness of the land of the rising sun. After all, Aki was named after Akira Kurosawa. When we do this  again, we will do it with a kiddie twist. I am thinking Shaider, Mask Rider Black and Voltes V. Or if  my next baby will be a girl, something in the lines of Hello Kitty and Candy candy. And instead of Japanese candies from Choto Stop, we will have wasabi and soy sauce flavored Kitkats. Hahaha!


21 thoughts on “Japanese Party for our Sumo Daddy!

  1. Congrats, Maqui! Galing ng party-planning. Love the cupcakes and the Japanese umbrella toothpicks! Sana meron din Wasabi stall na malapit sa’min. Hubby loves sushi/maki/sashimi.

    1. im sure you’ve heard of the weddings at work yahoo e-groups. graduates of that egroup has an egroup called newlyweds@work and are called N@wies 🙂
      sali ka na!

  2. Hi Maqui,

    fellow n@wie here. i’ve been stalking your blog for sometime now and you are one of my inspirations to keep blogging 🙂 seems like a really fun party you did for the hubby! congrats! you are one super wifey-mommy!


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