Mrs. Monologues

Rough and Tumble

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…that is how I describe Franco’s parenting style. Absolutely opposite my style which is based on research and paranaoia.

1. Early Exposure to Violence. Here you see my boys watching a movie. See how focused they are. Can’t remember if they are watching Ip Man 2 or Ancient Assasination Tools

2. Kawala kawala time. That is how my bigger baby calls this bonding moment with Aki. Basically, it goes like this. Franco wraps his arms around the littler baby, smothers the little one with kisses then pretends to suddenly fall asleep. Naturally the littler Franco tries to escape. Right on cue, irritated mommy runs to the rescue.

3. Rapin’ time. Here Franco holds Aki’s arms and legs then  tickles the little one’s tummy and kilikili. The first seconds when both boys are laughing are really cute. However when Aki’s giggles turn into begging for the daddy to stop, it is not funny anymore. And it is not any funnier when the daddy  still keeps on tickling the crying baby.

4. Dentist Aki. Franco is lies on his back while Aki is in a sitting position. Franco puts his tongue out, inviting Aki to play with it. The daddy then opens his mouth so the little one can further explorer. Then suddenly, like arwana fish, eats the little hand.  Aki enjoys playing dentist. He enjoys it so much that he developed this bad habit of trying to put his hand inside other people’s mouths. We are trying to correct the habit by not letting him play dentist anymore.

5. Sparing partner. When Franco was a newbie at brazilina jujitsu, he’d practice his moves …..on me! against my will of course. Now his sparring partner is Aki. Aki looks like he is in pain here but Franco assured me that the little one is not. He’s doing the paawa face because he is trapped. The picture is blurry because hero mummy again rushed to the crying trapped baby.

6. Imunity builder. Dadeh helps in strengthening Aki’s immunity system ……by letting the kid play with his socks! Used by the way!

to our rough and tumble daddy, happy happy birthday. We would not want you any other way.  wuvs you wuvs you! I love us!

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