Mrs. Monologues

Maturity at its finest

Happy happy birthday to my bigger baby!

 I will never grow tired of scratching your back and carressing your scalp until you fall asleep.

I promise to let you watch your Jimmy Santos movie collection for as long as you want.

From now on, I will stop complaining about your flavor of the month obsessions.

Thank you for keeping the balance in our house.

Thank you for being a supportive partner and a hands-on playful Dadeh.

You are the most childlike 30 year old I know. And I hope you’ll never grow up.

Huggie, huggie, kiss-y, kiss-y, my lovey dovey hubby!

If you are our FB friend, pls greet him tomorrow ha!

4 thoughts on “Maturity at its finest

  1. Heya Bebe!

    Just dropping by to say thank you. Thank you for everything! 🙂

    You never fail to amaze me… becasue you are AMAZING! 🙂

    I Love You! 🙂

    I Love Us! 🙂

    I Love the Whole of You! 🙂


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