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A new toy

… is the last thing that my boy needs.

For one, his toy organizer is already overflowing. The ones you see here are the toys in his playroom. There are still toys in our bedroom and in his lola’s house.

And two, the things that keep him busy are not really toys. I’ll blog about his non-toys toys later.

But who can resist these yummy colored stacking cups?  They are actually priced at 199, one of the few items priced below 200 in Toy Kingdom, but I got the set for just 30 pesos using the points accumulated by my SM Advantage card. yey! I read somewhere that these stacking cups will teach my baby about volume and errr stacking. Hehe.

He does not stack the cups though. What he likes are banging  and toppling stacking-cup towers ala Kingkong.

6 thoughts on “A new toy

  1. That is so true ha. Laz loves playing with “non-toy toys” too! Also, I like your toy organizer, Maqui!!! Where did you get that??

    1. while he is not yet old enough to throw tantrums and demand for the toys he wants, non toys muna. heehe
      re: toy organizer, got if from a mall in manila. hehe sorry i cant disclose. I am working with the distributor kase on how can i become a reseller.
      have this goal that by age 30, i should have a raket already.

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