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Local love!

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As I mentioned in a previous post, I love going to trade fairs and my house looks like a mini trade show.

Sharing some of the local accents that can be found around our house..

Christmas Tree Chair– You saw this first in this blog post . The chair is in our living room and serves as my personal library.

Painting by Imelda Cajipe Endaya – We are blessed to have an artist in the family. Tita Meps, an award winning painter and installation artist, gave us this painting for our wedding. We call it Techno Macopa.

Altar – A cross made of twigs and a rosary from Puka Beach. This rosary, we used during our wedding. Both rosary and cross sit on top of our wedding Bible which sits on top of a skinny wooden bar stool. Our altar is at the end of our stairs to remind us to whisper a short prayer before we eat breakfast in the morning, and after dinner on our way to our bedroom. Btw, the stool, the cross and the Xmas tree chair are all from AsiaCraft which happens to have a showroom just outside our village.

Locally-made toys in Aki’s playroom – There is Mongki, a barn-y piggy, and 2 horsie horsies. Mongki, we got it from a trade fair. The piggy was bought in Lucban when I went there last 2003 for my very first Pahiyas experience. The rattan horsie is our first Christmas gift to the little boy.We got it from one of the stalls in Pansol, Laguna. And the red paper mache one is a gift from my in-laws. Side story on the red horse:  my laws and my mom went separately to 4 fiestas looking for one but did not find any. Boo! When I was a kid these red horsie horsies were all over the town come fiesta day. The bestest in-laws the world, my in-laws, finally found one in the Antipolo market. Lucky us, it was the very last piece.

Kitchen Cabinet Display – Here, I proudly display my collection of man and wife wooden statues.  The one on the top level is actually our wedding cake topper. Cute noh? The middle couple is a pasalubong from Cebu. The Famas Award-looking thingy is from a Zamboanga trade fair that we attended in 2008. The boobs and penis couple is our wedding token for our primary sponsors. I think it is great that our token shows our love for local products and our fun side. Hehe. The boat is btw from a Region 4 trade show.

2 thoughts on “Local love!

  1. Langhiya Maqui! I’ve been wanting to get those horsies for Laz! Meron sa Antipolo?? My ninang has one for her grandson – they got it in Liliw (the red paper mache rocking horse). Specialty raw nila don! And here I’ve been waiting for when we can get to go to Liliw, pero meron pala sa Antipolo??

    I love the rattan horsie too! Laz, aside from his Thomas engines, likes horses now kasi. He can say “orsh” hahahaha

    1. Hirap maghanap niyang paper mache horsie! we are from laguna and kahit sa amin mailap. try checking sa antipolo market. although am not sure if paper has fighting chance against Laz’ weight and kalikutan.
      Btw, if i am not mistaken, the red horsies are a specialty of paete and not of liliw. i went to paete kase during my wedding preps. i was planning to give away pink personalized horsies to my kiddie entourage kaya i was able to speak with some suppliers there.

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