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D txt msg dat made my day

This message from hubby gave me a wifely high all day yesterday:

No mre dinner 2nyt. Ubos na. Ang sarap be. Mwah! 


Weeeeeh! Even if I don’t get to cook our weekday meals, I take so much pride in the fact that Jane and I serve healthy and yummy dishes. Every Friday night, I am just home. No gimmiks. No Friday night movies. After watching Agua Bendita,  I review my cookbooks, search the net for recipes and plan our weekly menu. Come Saturday early morning, I go to our neighborhood talipapa to buy the meats and veggies for the week.

Whenever Franco sends me messages like this or gives me a kiss after a yummy meal, I get reminded of how much I am loving every part of being a misis.

Special thanks to my n@wie sis Popcorn of Popcorn’s Kitchen for the Aristocrat Barbeque recipe.

2 thoughts on “D txt msg dat made my day

  1. awww. sweetness! kilig ako. funny thing is, i cooked chicen bbq and buttered corn and carrot (side dish) for hubby last night, too!
    yay, ansarap magluto if appreciative si hubby! hihi. 🙂

    1. sinabi mo pa sis!
      SO TO ALL HUBBY’S OUT THERE, SAY MORE WORDS OF APPRECIATION FOR YOUR WIVES COOKING.. kung gusto niyo ng mas masasarap na meals next time.

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