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Juskoday!BPA in Receipts!

Afraid! Be mega-afraid! There is BPA in receipts! And what is alarming receipts contain much much much more BPA than the usual bottles. In addition to that, BPA from receipts get easily absorbed by our skin.  Waaah!

I am very alarmed because for one, my son’s favorite pastime is playing with PAPER. He likes to wave, crumple and tear them up. I don’t think we’ve let him play with receipts since he likes glossy papers with pictures. But I am sure there were instances when I cleaned out my purse, organized my receipts then held the baby. Oh men! oh men!

I wonder if there is also BPA in newspapers and in printouts from regular printers.

I will make sure everyone in the family knows this. Washing hands or using wipes after handling receipts is therefore a must.

Here’s how we can protect ourselves and families from BPA:

  • Minimize receipt collection by declining receipts at gas pumps, ATMs and other machines when possible.
  • Store receipts separately in an envelope in a wallet or purse.
  • Never give a child a receipt to hold or play with.
  • After handling a receipt, wash hands before preparing and eating food (a universally recommended practice even for those who have not handled receipts).
  • Do not use alcohol-based hand cleaners after handling receipts. A recent study showed that these products can increase the skin’s BPA absorption (Biedermann 2010).
  • Take advantage of store services that email or archive paperless purchase records.
  • Do not recycle receipts and other thermal paper. BPA residues from receipts will contaminate recycled paper.
  • If you are unsure, check whether paper is thermally treated by rubbing it with a coin. Thermal paper discolors with the friction; conventional paper does not.


Read the entire article here . The list above is also from the article.

Update (27 minutes after the orignal post. hehe)

I reread and reread the article to make sure I absorb all info that I can. I usually don’t read comments but today I am happy I did.  This comment is very informative. I will research on the actual research performed to test the ill effect of BPA.

What ever happened to proving BPA was dangerous to humans? Maybe I missed that memo, but as a scientist and researcher working very closely with BPA and other chemical residues found in household products, time after time I see the evidence doesnt add up….for humans. We know that BPA is an endocrine disruptor because we have INJECTED rats with HIGH CONCENTRATIONS of this stuff. Note, the rats did not ingest this like humans would, they were injected with it. Also, the amount they were injected with far exceeded any amount we, as humans, would ingest in an entire lifetime. So, does this stuff pose that big of a risk? Maybe… if we bathed in it. Is this subject a little hyped up? Probably. I’m not saying we should use BPA in everything, but that we should explore a little more deeply before creating such a hype over it.
Note: Same goes with pthalates (I know, what a shocker!)

3 thoughts on “Juskoday!BPA in Receipts!

  1. Diyoskoday nga! Si Laz pa naman likes to nibble at anything – including paper! – paper when he thinks he can get away with it! Stress naman ang BPA talaga!

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