Familia Kiki loves to read

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In my first 25 years of existence, the only non-school books that I’ve read are Of  Mice and Men, Hundred Years of Solitude, Tuesdays with Morrie, Order of the Phoenix, and a Sidney Sheldon novel on schizophrenia. The first two, I read because my high school literature  teacher required me and my classmates to. I enjoyed reading these two so much that I bought my own copies  and re-read them a couple of times. Order of the Phoenix and the Sidney books, I read out of boredom. I was fresh out of college and did not have work yet then. Tuesdays with Morrie, I read out of curiousity. My Ilang -ilang dormmates were raving about how touching it is.   And tt really is. I remember missing dinner because all I wanted to do was bury my head in the pillow and cry.

That is 5 books in 25 years. To say that I was a bookworm is a major lie. I didn’t like reading books because I don’t have the patience to wait for the ending. I always jump to the last chapter to find out. Plus, books without pictures bore me. Comics and magazines are a different story. I used to be  an avid collector of Archie comics. I had as many as 90+. I know because I was so obsessed with my Archie comics, I catalogued them the library way. Hehe. And in case you are wondering, I have always wanted Archie to end up with Betty. As for magazines, I have a gazallion. Back in HS, I would save my baon so I can buy a YM magazine. I wonder if YM is still in circulation. Before Candy mag came, there was YM, an imported and expensive magazine for teens. I remember the first Candy magazine that I bought, Anna Payabyab or something that sounds like that was on the cover. When  I got into college, Candy became Cosmo. Cosmo became Marie Claire and Real Living when I became a working girl living on my own. Now that I am a wife and a mommy, I read Smart Parenting and Good Housekeeping. Amazing how my preference in magazines changes as I mature. Summit Media, if you are reading this, I love you and would love you more if you give me a free subscription.

Back to books. As I have said,  I did not like reading books. All changed when Franco knelt on one knee and asked me to plan his wedding. Hehe. And when we found out that  we are gonna be parents, we started collecting books on pregnancy and childcare. With three months to go before Aki officially becomes a bulldozer toddler, I am reading Alan Kazdin’s book on discipline  and SP’s book on the toddler years. My books are neatly stacked on my christmas tree chair and displayed in our local-love-themed living room.

Franco on the other hand, has been reading and collecting spy and martial arts books since he was a young. The ones in the picure are his latests books, all of which are displayed in our Japanese room. His old spy and martial arts books are still in his old study table in MIL’s house. (mental note: must clean and clear the study table). And like me, he also collected comic books as a kid. His collection consists of Xmen and other violent comics and is still intact. Yey! These comics are now neatly kept in Aki’s playroom along with the very first comic book, X-babies,  that we bought for the kid.   

And guess who has  the most number of books?  Who has his own bookshelf? Whose collection is growing the fastest? Of course, it is our unico hijo, Akira.  The books in the lowest shelf are my/Aki’s collection of Karen Katz’ books. The illustrations are dreamy and the colors are wild. Love it! The second level are for the Filipino books. I am glad that Batibot books are still being sold at National bookstore. I grew up watching Si Inggolok at ang Planeta Pakskas, Ang Pamilya Ismid and Si Linggit at si Barrakuda. I am glad I am able to read the same stories that I used to love to my son. Thank you, Batibot! I hope you air on Channel 5 soon. The top level are assorted books from Booksale. Actually, all Karen Katz and Little Simon books are from Booksale. Hand me down books from Aki’s cousins, tito and tita are extra special so we keep them separately in a  basket. Besides, there is no room anymore in the bookshelf. Note that there are at least four books behind the 9 books that you see on display. Aki roughly has more or less 50 books. Of these 50 books, three made me cry. I will save the story on these three books for another post.

Isn’t Aki’s bookshelf neat?! I got it from my mom’s contact. Love it so much I think I want to be a reseller. *wink*


6 thoughts on “Familia Kiki loves to read

  1. Marielle says:

    X-Babies? Never heard of that! San meron? My little boy would love that!

    I also super duper love booksale. My Rocky is now collecting classic little golden books. He just loves the smell of old books. Come payday, we will splurge 500 pesos on booksale and come home with more than a dozen of books! My daughter naman has finally learned to appreciate my Archie Collection.

    • Hi Kat! Sorry, I can’t divulge. As mentioned in the post, parang gusto ko maging reseller. You want? sige na para ikaw ang unang customer ko. hehe. i have a golad kase that by age of 30, dapat may racket na ako. kahit magbenta lang ng yelo. hehe

      • Kat says:

        hihi. sige pag reseller ka na, let me know. syempre tingnan natin kung pasok sa budget yan! hehe. pero ang cute talaga ng shelf. nga pala, i’m kinda stalking this site for tips and mommy info ha. keep ’em coming! 🙂

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