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Birthday Cake Boo boo

The title of this post was supposed to be What the F%%%, Goldiloc. Good thing, Franco was quick to correct me. The cake was from Red Ribbon. We deserve a refund! Or a new cake! Too bad, we noticed the typo error ( should be Akira nor Arika) after the guests have left.

This better not happen on Aki’s first birthday. It will be Wrestlemania 2010 of some sort if ever. Yokozuna slash Bambam Bigolo Dadeh and China Mameh versus cake supplier from hell.   All hell is really gonna break loose if there is a typo error in my son’s name come his birthday partey. That is why I’m taking our oven for a test drive and bake Aki’s birthday cake myself. Bwahahaha!

4 thoughts on “Birthday Cake Boo boo

  1. seeeeees! diko kinaya mag bake ng cake. haha. actually, ntakot lang ako i try. the first time i tried kasi, matigas ang lumabas, eh scared ako lalo kasi ang preference ko is to bake on a weekend. eh ayun, we just ordered one at paul calvin’s. promise,sa 6th month, kakaritrin ko. fun naman to use the oven hihi. i had a grand time using it for lasagna, baked macaroni and pizza! 🙂

    1. hahaha! abangan ko yang 6 month cake. fondant level ba? hehe
      uy, i want to try making my own lasagna pero feeling ko super effort. pashare naman ng recipe sis!

  2. hay naku! had the same experience sa red ribbon! pero sister, nakita ko kagad while nilalagay yung name and sabi ko talaga, naku erase, erase, erase!!! so buti na lang napansin ko na sofie ang sinulat. sabi ko nga, malabo mata mo kuya??? :p

    haha. uy ako kinakarir ko ang pag gamit ng oven lately. i had pizza yesterday, so i am planning to bake a cake for sophie’s 5th month which is tomorrow na. goodluck sa aten 🙂

    1. uyyyy! excited na ako makita ang 5th month cake ni sophie! baka pwedeng ikaw na lang cake supplier ko sis? Hehe
      actually, i havent used the oven yet. and the truth is i havent used a oven ever! good luck naman sakin.

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