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Treasures from Diviland

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I took advantage of one of last month’s non-working holidays and trooped to Diviland to buy lootbags and prizes. Good thing, ever dependable Janey was there to help me because after only 4 hours of shopping we went home with two huge bags full of toys.

I was really excited to try out the PNR train for the first time. It is airconditioned, and departs at the Bicutan trainstation going to Divi. We arrived 30 minutes before the regular departure time to make sure we get good seats. As soon as we got to the station, we were informed by the barkers that because it’s a holiday, the usual schedule will not be followed. Instead of 8:15, train going to Divi won’t be arriving until 9:45! Booo!  What was supposed to be a 20-minutes one-ride aircon trip became a one-jeep-one-LRT-one-FX  one-hour travel.

Our first stop was Anding’s. It is like a secret toy store hidden inside a bodega. I made sure to bring a notepad and a pen so I can take down notes. Note taking is very important when you are budget shopping in Divi. A lot of stores are selling the same item. To get the best deal, I computed items sold in sets, per item. E.g., a set of 24 bubbles was selling for 84 bucks in Andings. In one of the stalls in Divisoria mall, bubbles were priced at 60 bucks per dozen. After doing the math, it was more economical to go back to Andings. It is also important not to take the first affordable offer. Jane and I went thru each and every stall in Andings and Divimall before we made our first purchase of the day. But with hundreds of stalls, how do you remember which stall to revisit? Enter little tickler.

After an hour and a half in Andings, we moved on to Divisoria Mall or DM. First stop was the basement. One side of the floor was a wet market. The other side was for party items. The imported candies look so yummy but I resisted. Who knows since when have they been on display?

The other floors of DM, unlike the basement are airconditioned. If your theme is Dora, Hanna Montana, Thomas the Train, Ben 10, Mini Mouse & Friends or Disney Princesses, you will find everything you need and much more in DM. Good thing, we are going for a more generic theme or else I’d go OC crazy and look for things that are matchy matchy. Mention worthy stalls are the one near the securty office where we got   a lot of fun toys like bow and arrow sets and binoculars for (drum rolls pls..) only 7.50 per piece  and  the corner stall in the 2nd floor of DM which is a go-to shop for mommies who want to DIY the party decors.

Here’s a rundown of some of our favorites buys:

Piggy bank – PhP 35.00@

Jump Rope, Bow and Arrow Set, Binoculars – PhP 7.50@

Small Sticker Booklet – PhP 3.00@ (lucky is the kid who will receive the religous sticker booklet

Bigger Sticker Booklet – phP 7.00@

Food Erasers – PhP 15.00@

Kaleidoscope – PhP 18@

3D Helicopter Puzzle – PhP30@

Small Globe – PhP 9.00@

Note that all the above rates are wholesale prices. For many stores, minimum number of items for wholesale is six. 

Date – Check!

Venue – Check!

Theme – Check!

Host – Check!

Photographer – Check!

Caterer – Check!

Decors – Check!

Loot bags – Check!

Prizes – Check check check!!!

4 thoughts on “Treasures from Diviland

    1. para saan pa at nahasa ang ating party planning and budgetting skills nung wedding preps kung di natin kakaririn ang 2st bday ng mga anak natin. hehe

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