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100% Natural, 100% Pinoy, Baby Products

100% Natural, 100% Pinoy

Giga Insect Repellant

DEET-free. DEET is a chemical  found in most insect repellant. Overdose of DEET can cause serious damage to the brain. Our pedia said it is only a cause of worry if used excessively. Well, as a mommy, I’d like to shield my baby from all possible harm no matter how unlikely the damage could be.  What I also like about Giga Baby is its lemongrass scent. I sooooo hate anything that smells like citronella which unfortunately  is the active ingridient of most natural insect repellants. I also like that the Giga insect repellant is in the form of a liquid spray and not a lotion. For some reason, my kid’s a lint magnet. Putting a lotion on him will just make him attract more lint to his skin. Although sometimes we spray Giga directly on Aki’s skin, most of the time, we just spray his clothes to shoo away those pesky mosquitos.  And I know Giga works because I tried spraying it to a mosquito. In no time, the mosquito was flying in small circles until it fell to the floor. Bwahahaha! Buti nga sayo!


Indigo Manila’s Jar of Hope 

 If there is a baby product that I love the most, this is it. For bites, scratches, bumps and any red marks, JOH is our best bet. there is a long list of its uses and benefits so just check IndigoManila’s website for yourself. We apply a dab of the product on Aki’s insect bites and red singit. JOH is all natural and so safe that it can even be used as a teehing gel. It smells like tea as it is made of blue chamomile. The only problem I have with this product is that it smells so good that my baby keeps trying to dunk his hand on our JOH tub. And if I may just add, my hubby who normally leaves the baby shopping to me, believes in this product so much that he insists that we hoard. Our hero daddy surprised us last week when he came home with a bag full of Indigo products that he bought from a  mommy and baby fair near his office in Buendia. He said accdg to the saleslady, he was the only dude who bought items from the Indigo booth. That’s our daddy!

Kids Nature Baby Wash

 I haven’t actually tried this but I’m really excited too. We got this as a free gift from Pinoy Baby. Ever since Aki had baby pimples sometime on his 4th week, we’ve been using Dove White ( should made in the US. the Dove whites made in Thailand and in middle east are not as mild accdg to my auntie whose 2 apo’s have atopic dermatitis). Since my husband is a believer of hoarding, we have quite a stash. As soon as we’ve used up our last dove white bar, we will shift to Kids heart baby wash.

17 thoughts on “100% Natural, 100% Pinoy, Baby Products

  1. Just want to share: After scouring the supermarkets para sa sobrang hirap hanapin na refill ng Baygon insect repellent, I finally found one na hindi masyadong mahal pero effective na: Yung electric insect repellent ng Avon! Hehe. Around 400php lang sya and effective nga naman kasi when I got it, hindi ko nilagyan si Ziegy boy nung Giga Insect repellent. Thankfully, the morning after, ni isang kagat ng lamok wala! Yey! I don’t know how it repels the mosquitoes pero I’m sure glad it does! 😀

    1. thanks for sharing katz.
      ill ask officemate beth who sells avon products about it.
      We use a new lotion now: Bgone. mas effective siya. ill blog about it one of these days

  2. Hi there! 🙂 Nice “stumbling” upon your blog here. 🙂 I’ve used Kids Heart Nature (of Human Heart Nature, check out their products here: (I personally know the sisters who set up this amazing store!) on our two little ones and LOVE the results as well! Human Heart Nature also has deet-free insect repellent. 🙂 Just a tried and tested tip 🙂 Thanks for sharing your JOH tip too, all this time I’ve been using virgin coconut oil (VCO) on the kids’ bites and cuts and though it’s been effective too, I think I’ll give JOH a try. 🙂 Thanks again. Godbless always! Tina of 🙂

    1. Thanks for dropping by, missionary mom! and thanks for the tip too. I will try VCO one of these days. My mom’s a big fan. She and my niece take a tablespoon of VCO everyday. And whenever she feels she’s gonna come down with a flu, her VCO stash is always there to the rescue. 🙂

  3. Hi Maqui,
    I also use the Human Nature baby wash for my baby. Ok naman sa kanya. And I also use the GIGA baby insect repellant, type na type namin ni hubby yung scent ng lemon grass kaya we also spray sa palibot ng bed 🙂

    1. Hi Kat! thanks for visiting! Super love ko rin ang giga. as in! Actually anything na lemon grassy, love ko talaga. be it food or drinks. hubby ko naman, current obsession ang divine intervention linen spray ng Indigo.

  4. Hi Maqui,

    Thank you for blogging about these products, i know now what to look for.

    In case maubos yung Giga Isect repellant, you may also try using Enfant baby cologne. It masks the smell of the human skin. Effective cya though you have to put it on Aki every 3 hours kc pag nawala yung scent nung cologne, here comes the lamok, paikot-ikot na nmn. (Note** make sure you put on some din if you don’t want the lamok to bite you instead. hihi)


    1. hey em! thanks for the reminder. i always make sure na may insect repellant si aki but i always forget putting on some on myself. ako tuloy ang may mga kagat. i will try that enfant cologne. i read somewhere nga na any lotion or cologne can be an insect repellant so long as mamamask ang human scent.
      lapit na ng birthday partey ng Akiras natin!

  5. I also use the Giga Insect Repellent on Zieg! In Alaminos Laguna kasi, sobrang malamok! It’s a lot harder for me pa nga kasi I work here in Makati and I only get to see my son every weekends. 😥
    Pero — I swear by this product too! 🙂

      1. Recruitment din ako — ng FSBU…hehehehe…rep namin dyan sa OSMA si Ria…If Ria’s not around, ako ang rep dyan… 😀

  6. My Daughter loves Kids Nature ( from Human Nature) range from lotion to shampoo to body wash! One of my friends gifted her those last year. Okay yung mga pang bath nila, hindi ko lang type yung citronella spray nila. Masyadong sticky. For insect repellant naman, ang ginagamit namin ay NO BITE lotion, organic din & pinoy made na nirecommend ng pedia

    1. marielle, san available yang no bite lotion na yan? and anong scent? what if dalhan mo ako tomorrow? hehe. and oh, ok ba yun shampoo? no tears ba? na amoy ko rin yun insect repellant ng human nature, kabaho nga! plus parang VCO yun texture.

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