Our Daddy’s Day

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Last June 20, we had lunch with my in-laws and Franco’s sibs at my husband’s favorite resto. Afterwards, we had dessert at our current favorite stall in SM Bicutan, Scramble! Yum! 

One week after the actual father’s day, we had a smaller celebration at home. The day started with Aki and me getting up from bed as soon as the little man was awake. This made sure that our daddy slept a little longer, giving us more time to prepare for the surprise breakfast. 

I wanted to make polo table napkins but realized too late that we actually don’t have cloth napkins. So I just settled with polo origamis made out of  tissue napkins. 

When our daddy got up, I coerced him to wear his white sando and khaki shorts. Little did he know, Aki was wearing the same outfit. It was a pleasant surprise when the other Endaya daddy, Lolo Tay , dropped by wearing also a white sando. 

For breakfast, because i dont know how to bake (yet) a cake, we had pancakes with the letters D A D and one with a smiley face.  The pancakes were so cute and yummy if you ask me but our daddy did not have any. It was only on that day that I found out that he is not a fan of pancakes. Hmph!  Nevertheless, he appreciated the effort and the photo I took. 

For the main course, we had a longganiza extravaganza! I mentioned it before that my husbnd’s favorite food of all time is longaniza. I make it a point to have a longaniza breakfast at least once a week. The longganiza platter had Vigan , Pampanga’s Best and Butotay ( Cabanatuan) longgas. Also in the platter are Hungarian, blah-blah-wurst and frankfurter sausages bought from the Deli section of SM Makati. (I thought these imported sausages were expensive. They are surprising  affordable at about 30-40 bucks a piece). The platter was served with vinegar and chopped tomatos on the side. With our  favorite sinangag, chorizo fried rice, it was one very very heavy breakfast. We had a lot that we had longganiza until evening of that day. 

For the gift, I got Franco a Rhane of Terra comic book from Amazon, bought thru a local online seller. Side story: as a kid Franco had ( actually still has) a comic book collection. His favorite character is Wolverine. He had a Rhane of Terra but traded it for something else. He regretted that trade and has been searching for a copy ever since. 

Happy Father’s Day, Dah-dey! Thank you for being a good provider, the perfect lover and a rough-and-tumble father! wuvuwuvwuvu!


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