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Livin’ La Vida Elbi

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Just a few of the many reasons why we love going home to Los Banos (this post is one month delayed)

  • My mom’s mismatched sheets
  • The best siomai ever! For 3 pieces for only 14 bucks, san ka pa?!
  • Free prophylaxis c/o my dentist mummy
  • Early morning jogging and breakfast at the UPLB grounds
  • Fertility Tree
  • Ate jyl’s new smile
  • Kuya Rock’s mother’s day shirt
  • Aki’s mother’s day bib
  • Aki’s Popeye face trick!!
  • Two hundred peso papag for our lanai-lanai-an
  • Blue Marlin for only 180 pesos per kilo
  • Sock Puppet Project with Ate Jyl. (Sorry for the blurry pic. I was holding the puppet with one hand, the camera on the other. I was using one leg to keep my balance and one leg so Aki wont fall off the sofa)
  • Senior Citizen Vollunter Poll Watchers. So soooo cute!

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