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A Froggy Half-y Birthday Party for Aki

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April 11 will go down on the Endaya history book as the day we first hosted a celebration at home. There were a lot of things to be thankful for. First, we have finally moved in to our own house. Mega thanks to the OC-ier and more praning version of me, my mom, for helping out. Even if the turn over of the house was delayed for almost six months, and imperfections are all over the place, the house is not so bad after all. The sun rays pass thru our windows in the morning, allowing us to sunbathe Aki in vitamin E.  We get to spend lazy Sundays at homebecause it is malilim and mahangin in the afternoon. Second, there is a new addition to Familia Kiki. Jane, our very first helper and yaya  is really masipag and learns fast. Aki did not even experience any stranger anxiety when she arrived.  Third, although bad men broke into our house 6 days after we moved in, no one got hurt, and nothing really valuable was stolen.

But main reasons why we had a mini celebration were

–         Aki is six months old!! And

–         We got the go signal from our pedia to start feeding Aki with solid foods! Yipeeeey!



~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ @@@ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Riiiiiibit…… Riiiiiibit……Riiiiiibit….  


The frog prince will be having a Half Birthday Party and his first taste of  (fly) solids!  

“Hop” you can join us  in this toad-ally fun celebration.    


Aki’s Swamp

April 11, Sunday 3PM    


Don’t frog-et to wear brown! 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ @@@ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


I started planning the party two months before the actual date. The froggy theme was inspired by Aki’s froggy potty and froggy bibs. The party hats and the loot bag contents were bought from stores in Ayala MRT. I only made two loot bags since we were just expecting two kids, Ate Jyl and Kuya Rocky. Both loved the food erasers that I got for them. They even made the adult guests participate in their make believe food court game. The other toad-y guests, were supposed to take home fly gummy candies but the froggy daddy forgot to pick up the giveways from my supplier. Haruumph! And just like in Aki’s baptism, lay out of the invite, guest sheet sign, and thank you tags were done by my scrap-blogging sister. Photos were taken by my ever reliable FIL.

Our menu consisted of family favorites like Los Banos fried tilapia, palabok from Little Quiapo, puto and dinuguan from Benjies and my mom’s chicken cordon bleu. My contributions were sliced pears and apple appetizers and Japanese salad. Recipes to follow.

To start the celebration, we put on the party hats and sang a half-y birthday to you to the frog prince. The Mernel’s Cake, the bestest chocolate cake ever, was a gift from my sister. After I blew the candle, everyone gathered around the high chair to watch Aki have his first taste of solid foods. Since we ate pears for our appetizer, I had the little birthday boy eat some pureed pears from Earth’s Best. Based on my research, most babies refuse or spit out their first spoonful of solids. That was not the case for Aki who just munched away as if he had been eating since he was born.

After eating, Ate Jyl announced “Pls leave a kiss and scribble a message for the frog prince”. With the help of Tita Mae, my neighbor and BIL’s wife, Jyl handed out lipsticks and green kissing cards. It was fun to watch, especially the tito’s as they put on lipstick and put  kissmarks on the  cards. All the messages were special but most touching for me was from Tita Ninang Ate Yaya Ilyana who wrote “No kisses from the other princesses yet. Only from tita…”

Our families were treated with a live father and baby drum solo performance. Too bad, our neighbors wifi is too slow ( they generously but unknowingly share their wifi to us) so I am unable the upload the video. Aki also showed off his newly discovered crawling prowess.

All the gifts were very useful. The Endaya family gave the Mimiflo baby food set which we so so so love. My mom gave sandos since it’s awefully hot these days. Ate Jyl donated one of her cute little cold compresses. My sister sponsored the cake.

Half-y birthday, Akingking! Because of you, we have a reason to celebrate everyday.

10 thoughts on “A Froggy Half-y Birthday Party for Aki

  1. Nice theme! Aki looks like a nice cuddly baby who had fun at his half birthday party =)

    And congratulations on your move-in! There really is no place like home – cliche but very true. My mom told me that despite the many problems we’re having with our house, we’ll forget about them once we move in. I hope so.

    In case you’re interested, GE has a home security system that they sell in Serendra (it’s connected to your landline and includes motion sensors).

    1. Thanks, nicole! I will check GE one of these days.
      what you said is so true! Even if there are so many imperfections, nothing beats the feeling of living in your own house.

  2. half-y birthday, Aki! the food looks yum!

    gosh, i miss Mernel’s chocolate cake!!! that’s the only cake we buy in LB whenever there’s an occasion to celebrate.

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