Memoirs of a Mummy

Aki’s 1st Swim

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This post is for my sister who said two weeks ago that we should start working on Aki’s happy childhood memories. At the tender age of 6 months, my little man has yet to meet Jollibee or go malling. The last time he went to church was for his baptism last Febuary. I don’t mind really and I don’t think Aki minds either. It’s our choice not to expose Aki to people we do not know. And I’m sticking to my decision because unlike other kids, mine hasn’t never been sick.

Since this is Aki’s first summer and I would not want to miss taking his first summer pictures. He wailed as soon as I sat him on the pool. I was surprised because he loves taking a bath. And so, footsie bath we go. Then wisik wisik and some splish splash lessons. As soon his rubber duckies and his funky fishy friends Otep, Danggit and Daing joined him in his baby pool, the little wet one was all smiles from then on.

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