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Adobo Week Starts Today

It’s already Sunday and Jane is still not here.

Sadly, my mom, Ate Che her helper, and my niece Jyl, already went home to Elbi. Before they left, I had a quick trip to Benjie’s, Better Living’s neighborhood talipapa to buy 1.5 kilo of pork strips. Ate Che turned them into adobo and stored them in small microwavable containers so we just need to heat one up when we get hungry.


The adobo week started at 5:30 when Aki woke up and decided to gigil pinch his daddy’s nose and suck his mummy’s knee. Franky indulged in his new fave hobby, drowning our newly landscaped garden using his new garden hose sprayer with 8 settings. Because I was busy preparing our breakfast, including Aki’s boiled squash, and Aki was being his fussy self, my favorite gardener had no choice but to wear Aki using my sling.

By 10.30, we were done eating, washing the dishes and Aki’s bottle, feeding and bathing the baby, sweeping and mopping the floor.  When you have a baby who always wants to have a good view of what you are doing else be fussy, it’s difficult to multitask. We , actually I, had to let go of the small to-do’s like cleaning the stove top and  wiping the kitchen sink dry.


We then watched Taken, a movie we watched at least 3 times when I was still preggers.  My ever supportive in-laws probably sensed our struggle with the morning chores, invited us over for lunch at their place. Yippeeey. That is one less adobo meal for the day. And no dishes to wash. Double yipeeey. 

We left the sleeping Aki in his lolo’s arms and headed for Makati. We had an impromptu stop at Evangelista. I was hoping to find pre loved little tykes slide or horsie for Aki and Japanese stuff for the jap room. We did not find any but we found interesting stuff like a blue and green bohemian glass bowl (3k), narra bench for 4K, glob as tall as my hip, and 70’s chair which was disappointing at 1k.

Off we went to Cash and Carry to buy canned goods to make the adobo week a little more interesting. We of course toured the mall before going to the grocery. Good move for us, bad for our wallet because we ended up buying, 2 pairs of legging for me for 190, martial arts dvd for Franky at 350, 1 cookbook for 75, 2 boardbooks for 190, cute party hats for 66 bucks, and wooden blocks for 375.  

After C and C, we went to Magallanes to claim Aki’s baptismal cert. Because of mnor typo errors in the spelling of  a ninong’s name, we got 2 free certificates.  Attended mass and went home.

Well not exactly. One our way home, we noticed a halo halo for sale in Czechoslovakia sign and had an unplanned stroll in our village. We noticed that there is quite  a number of  newly built houses mostly townhouses, for sale  in our area. If Im not mistaken, in the 5 mil the range. The houses are nice. Except for the water supply, our area is great and strategically located. So if you are interested, just lemme me know so I can give you the addresses and numbers. It was a 15 minute stroll and we never found out where Czechoslovakia street is.

Picked up Aki at his gramps. I was disappointed to find out that janey jane still isn’t here. I got a text from her, advising that she has a headache and will return early tommorow instead. Hay hay.

Again,  multitasking on watering the garden ( the landscape person who did our garden said we should water it 2x  a day for now), cooking rice and heating up adobo, eating, washing aki’s bottles and sterilizing them, filling our water tank and running as soon as we hear the first signs that the tank is full, watching glee while doing the bedtime routine with aki.

Makes me wonder how parents  especially single parents who do not have a nanny and/or househelp, cope.

It was a long day and im dog tire. So is franco.

The I-need-to-be-firm Thursday text to Jane which was something like this:

Hindi, umuwi ka ngayon. Gaya nang napag-usapan dahil mas marami kang naaabala kung wala ka dito.


Became a trying-to-win-her-over Saturday text:

Jane kamusta ka na? Sana wala naman masamang nangyari sayo. Makakabalik ka ba ngayon? She said yes, she would be here in the afternoon.

Is now a pleading text:

Jane pakiusap, bumalik ka na. umalis na sina mommy at hirap na hirap na ako. Bibili na ako ng vitamins para di ka nagkakasakit.

By this moring, Franco was convinced that we should kick jane out. I pleaded that we should keep her until we find a replacement. Hearing how loud his snore is now ( he only snores when is really tired), I  think he will be the one to send a plead if jane does not come back tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Adobo Week Starts Today

  1. i agree, BLS is really a good location. my in-laws live there, and that’s where we stay at when we’re on holiday. super near sa lahat! but the water supply is agonizing. my hubby calls their place “Bitter Living”…haha!

    sana bumalik na si Jane nyo.

    1. hi sis! Yup bumalik na siya, yesterday morning. We finished our last stock of adobo last night. My hubby naman thinks we live in better living, those on the other side of SLEX ” Taguig”, lower living daw. bad! har har!

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