Mrs. Monologues

I can cook!

Finally, a post about being a Mrs.

Last April 1st, we moved in to our house. And the first meal that I cooked was… drum roll please….

Mini French toasts served with Saudi cream cheese! Aylavet! and hubby loved it too!

Warm the non stick pan. Cut the whole wheat gardenia into smaller squares. Dip the squares in beaten egg. Fry until golden brown. Serve with cream cheese. Sosyal looking and tasting without trying!

These books from Yummy and from Nora Daza are heaven sent! These books help me plan our weekly menu and of couse guide us ( me and my beloved Jane, whose nickname I’d like to change) in our kitchen experiments.

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Planning weekly menus and updating the pantry  are  easier when you have the following:

2010 Planner – this is where I write our menu. Jane checks our planner at night so she knows what frozen goods to defrost. At the end of the day, I put a check mark , a minus sign or a so-so note on each dish.  If the dish needs adjusting like more sauce or less salt I also note those down. Lastly, having a planner helps me put variety on our meals. My notes help me ensure that we don’t serve too  many eggs, de-lata,  and pork dishes in a week. I highly recommend having a planner to all newbie Mrs. out there!

Note pad – This is where Jane jots down items that I need to buy on my next grocery day. When there is just a lot of things to be done ( not that I overwork Jane), it is easy to forget the small things like what is missing in the pantry.

Post it’s –  Since I only review the note pad whenever it is time to plan the next week’s menu and our grocery list, post is’s are for things that need immediate attention. Examples are order water and ask ate patty (MIL’s helper)  for binagoongan recipe. I also told Jane to jot down words in our recipe books that she can not understand.

 Pen -of course!

100 peso bill – because I am at work during the day, there is always a 100 bucks inserted in our planner in case Jane needs to buy an ingridient that can’t wait.

….and that, my friends, is my first misis post. For someone who do not know how to operate a rice cooker, I think I am doing a good job in managing our kitchen 🙂

6 thoughts on “I can cook!

      1. bwahahahah! akala nyo lang wala akong gana. pero may isang buong album ako sa FB puro pagkain. at madami nabbwiset sa kin dahil pinaglalaway ko daw sila. wahahah! pero totoo yung sinasabi nila na pag ikaw yung nagluluto, pag oras na ng kainan wala ka ng gana kumain. hehe

  1. Goodness. Maqui this is SO HELPFUL. Our yaya and I keep getting all muddled up when it comes to our menu – especially what to feed my son. I shall do what you say and get everything in your list. As in, am overjoyed ha, becoz I’ve been stressing about this. Thank you for this!

    Thanks for dropping by my site. I read through yours and really enjoyed it!

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