Memoirs of a Mummy

Stork Story Snippets Part III

Dearest dear one,


Lest I forget..

A few things about the pregnancy:

first sighting of the putotoy


Little Aki (in mummy’s) water, sleeping in mummy’s tummy…
Wake up! Wake up!
Wash your face!
And do that bumble shake!





Feb 21 – two lines in the pregnancy test! Yippeeeeeeeeeee!

March 7 – first sighting of Aki @ New World Lab

May 25 – first time to experience quickening. It felt like a little cockroach was crawling inside. Or little fingers were strumming.

May 28 – first sighting of your putotoy! Daddy was specially happy because he will be having a new jujitsu practice buddy.

June 25 – First time for Daddy to feel you kick!

Week of July 20 – Your kicks were so hard we can see mommy’s tummy go up and down.

July 31 – Aug 2 – Stressful 4D experience. We went back to In the Womb 4 times because you, you little pasaway you, would not cooperate.

Aug 21 – Maternity Photo Shoot with Atty. Raymond Fortun @ Ayala Alabang

October 10 – Mummy’s petchay is 1cm!

October 11 – The bloody show. Let’s get this pary started!

October 12 – Welcome to Earth, Franco Hélio Akira





Death of Helio Gracie

Judai (mummy’s favorito) Marries Ryan Agoncillo

Pacquio Knocks Out Hatton in Round 2

AH1N1 Epidemic

Michael Jackson’s Untimely Death

Passing of Tita Cory

Hayden-Katrina Video Scandal!

Pacquiao Knocks Out Hatton in Round 2



…was Jaguar Paw, after the lead character in the movie, Apocalypto. Mummy did not disclose your name until you were born because somebody might steal it. Praning, I know!




4 thoughts on “Stork Story Snippets Part III

  1. Hi Maqui. I started following your blog recently. Sobrang natutuwa ako kasi feeling ko you’re telling my stories! 🙂 My Brent and your Aki have lots of things in common. And look what I just discovered, I gave birth exactly a year after your Aki was born and and and… I got to see that 2 purple lines one year after you saw yours! 🙂 Kakatuwa, hehe.

    Hope to see you and your little boy one of these days.

    1. Thanks for reading my blog! Aliw naman ang similarities natin! If pareho sila ng level ng curiousity, ay humanda ka na!
      hope you can update your blog. I would love to know more about brent’s adventures

  2. Ka-birthday ko si Aki! 😀
    Love the name too! And we did the same thing: we kept Zieg’s full name a secret until it was time to fill out the birth cert. 😀

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