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Cool Onesies for Baby Boys

… is what our market lacks! Boo! Go to any department store and you will see for yourself that the ratio of racks for baby boy clothes to that of baby girls is not even close to 1.6543322 : 10 .
I went to at least 6 stores  in Shang before I could find a reasonably priced pair of plain shorts that my then 3-month cutie patootie could wear. And the one that I got is actually a shorty shorts for a 12-18month old little girl!
There is hope though. Thank you to Googoo&Gaga, UrbanBaby and  Djarts, Aki has 3 of the coolest onesies in town.
Googoo&Gaga offers unique art-driven, proudly Philippine-made  onesies and children’s tees. The price is a bit expensive than the usual onesie but remember that you are  paying for a limited edition art piece.  A plain white ZaraBaby onesie costs almost as much as an attention grabbing G&G outfit. You are still getting a bargain if you think about it and consider the possibilities. If I were a talent scout and I see ten equally adorable babies, I will first approach the G&G-wearing baby and probably invite the baby (and mommy, too) for an audition.
I found out about UrbanBaby from the now defunct show Events Incorporated. Sam Oh gave Issa Litton an uber cute Philippine flag onesie for the latter’s baby shower. As soon as the show ended, I signed up for  their Facebook fanpage and  asked them wear they got the onesie. The EI Fanpage moderator was nice enough to immediately reply to my post.  Upon my hubby’s approval, I ordered Aki’s first non-white onesie. Our order was actually for the sleeveless version. When we informed UB of the mistake, they offered to send us another onesie  free of charge because they want all their customers to be 100% satisfied! Now we are 200% happy.
PS: The Philippine flag onesie is out of stock when I asked them last September.
Aki’s My Dad Can Choke Out Your Dad onesie was conceptualized by mummy, inspired by daddy (who is crazy about Brazilian Jiu-jitsu) , and executed by my kumare’s hubby .  Djarts is ran my former officemate (Hi Dangles!) so I got a presyong-kaibigan discout off their already affordable rates. What I also like about them is that they work fast. In a weeks time, the boring plain white onesie that I provided had a total makeover.

5 thoughts on “Cool Onesies for Baby Boys

  1. the first onesie with the skeloten and the rose are bad ass im having twins a boy and a girl and that would be awsome if they could wear something like that do you sell onesies like that one?

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