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Stork Story Snippets Part II

Lest I forget…a few things about the pregnancy…

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Nothing Major. Just a painless urinary tract infection that would not go away. After 3 months and 3 different medications, we were finally able to flush those bad bad bad bacteria away!  We also took tests for our sugar level and thyroid hormones. Thank God both tests showed that everything is a-OK!


.. laid down the non slip mat on the bathroom floor as soon as we got home from the pregnancy news lunch celebration
… took charge of all the chores including cleaning the toilet and  washing some of our dirty clothes
… started training with Tito Kevin so he can spend more time with us at night.
… picked us up from work even if he was tired
… bought a lot of classical music CD’s and played them before we slept

… resisted to take a sip of the Nestle Tea Latte in the pantry vendo.
… tried to read on as many parenting books and websites as she could
… watched what she ate and avoided sweets and anything unhealthy
… tried to rest as much as she could. Slept before 8PM and woke up at 5:30AM


Office Nurse – for letting us sleep in the clinic every lunch break
Alphonso’s servers – our office concessionaire, for giving the extra servings of veggies and heating our food for us in the microwave
Tita Dang – for always giving us fruits to munch on
Titas Ebbie, Shine and Cye – for the maternity clothes and pregnancy tips!
Tita Jana and Lola Ming – for the maternity tops

… was Lola Cherry, Lola Babbie’s sister.  We had our check ups at the Medical City Pasig Satellite Clinic.

.. was only 26 pounds. From 122 lbs to 148 pounds.

***mega thanks to Atty. Raymond Fortun for taking our maternity pics. It was his first and last time to shoot a preggy client because his marital license is limited to weddings only. harhar***


4 thoughts on “Stork Story Snippets Part II

  1. ayyyyy.. namiss naman kita bigla marse. Mejo naluha ako.
    Super cute ni Akiiiiiiii at kahit buntis super seksi ka ha!

    Artista ka talaga!

    I miss you marse…

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