Memoirs of a Mummy

Stork Story Snippets Part I

Dearest Aki,

I look forward to the day when you ask me for stories about our 9 month adventure last year.

Jotting down my notes for fear that I might forget..


You made your presence felt two weeks before Mummy took the pregnancy test. Symptoms: Frequent Urination. Mummy woke up 2-4 times every night during the first few months to empty her bladder. Sour Stomach. Sometimes right after eating. Lucky Mummy, no vomiting or dizzy spells whatsoever.


None! But Mummy had people aversion. Mummy did not want Mr E, Mrs J and Ms C to get anywhere near us.



Lolo Tay and Lola Babbie and Lola Do – of course!

Chacha Jana – to find out what she experienced when Ate Jyl and Kuya Rock were still inside her tummy

Tita Grace – Mommy’s boss. So she would understand if mommy suddenly needs to rest or take a leave

Tita Ninang Ameron – Mummy’s officemate. So she can cover for Mommy. Hehe

Tita Kat – of HR Benefits, to find out what are the paperwork needed for maternity benefits


– 2 new pairs of flat so we can get rid of the boots and high heels

– new loose-fitting tops from Robinson’s Dept

– new hankies to protect us from pollution. We also bought face masks because of the H1N1 outbreak but we never got to use them.

– daddy also bought packs of Marie and Sunflower biscuits that mommy can munch on whenever little aki demanded for food

– mommy also bought salabat and calamansi & carrot jam for healthier snack options

– pregnancy and child care books to guide us thru the journey

– Daddy’s first gifts for Mummy were two novels by Laura Wolf, Diary of a Mad Bride and Diary of a Mad Mummy-to-be

This was you this time last year! Can you believe it? You were as small as a thumb print and weighed as light as a chocolate chip.

And this is you now! Actually last month, around mid-Feb. So cute, so curious, so heavy! With tons of personality!

One thought on “Stork Story Snippets Part I

  1. this is very touching 🙂
    im sure Aki would cry when he reads this 20 years from now

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