Aki's Green Baptism · Memoirs of a Mummy

Aki’s Baptism: Guilly’s

RECEPTION: Guilly’s @ Glorietta 5 

Date: Feb 27, 2010
Time: 9:30 AM – 2:00 PM
Motif : Green
Theme: Frugalicious/Pagtitipid

Nhez, the resto manager is very easy to deal with. We communicated mostly thru SMS and all my requests were followed. A day before the event, I had this brilliant idea of asking Nhez to play songs that remind me of Aki during the event (Sweet Child of Mine, Let’s Hear for the Boy!, Be my Little Baby, etc). I emailed her the song list at 6PM . She texted me around 8PM that she might not be able to download the songs because she’d be working late that Friday night. I was happily surprised to find out that she was able download 9 out of the 16 song requests. It was actually her husband who did the downloading. Nhez was so nice that she even gave me a copy of the CD. And although the version of Sweet Child that was played was by Nirvana and not the Sheryl Crow version that I request, this OC and OA mummy is still very happy with Guilly’s excellent customer service. 

What I also like about having the reception in a resto is the assurance that there will be food for everyone even if more than expected guests show up. Pinoys are notorious for not RSVP-ing and I did nt have the time and patience to ask for confirmation from friends and family. Thank you to Guilly’s, everyone went home full and satisfied. 

Guilly’s offers daily lunch buffet for only PhP 239. If memory serves me right, Sunday lunch is a bit more expensive because of the additional food choices available. We paid a little higher than their usual per pax rate plus service charge to make the resto exclusive. 

Oh, make sure that you indicate Glorietta 5 in your invites. Ours only had Guilly’s, G5 and some of our guests went to Greenbelt 5. 

Chicken L’orange
Vegetable Stir Fry
Pinaputok na Lumpia
Lumpiang Shangai
Fish Fillet
Korean Beef Ribs
Pan-fried Pork Steak
Spicy Squid 

Pasta Bar (putanesca, bolognese and white sauce)
California Maki
Futo Maki
Kani Maki
Kani Sushi 

Plain rice
Seafood rice 

Chocolate and White Chocolate Fountains
Dippings: bread sticks, marshmallows, papaya, melon, banana, mango, watermelon, pineapple
Buko Pandan 

One Round of Iced Tea 


Spicy Squid and Lechon Kawali


Different Types of Yummy Maqui Maki



More pictures posted here



19 thoughts on “Aki’s Baptism: Guilly’s

  1. hi maqui,

    guilly’s seems great, could you also send me the manager’s number?
    would appreciate it so much.

    thanks. 🙂

  2. Well, just want to share our experience with Guilly’s. We inquire there via walk in sometime Feb to book for our child’s christening reception. The first person we talked to was a guy, we unfortunately don’t have his name who gave us a different rate. The following week, we again went there and finally talked to the Manager. At first we find her ok.. giving us food selection etc at the rate you specified (which of course quite cheap).. But, what’s weird is when, she keeps on telling us that she already complain the first guy we talked bout the price discrepancy… (without even asking if were complaining the guy ) She seem annoyed bout his officemate and kept complaining bout him to her customer…which is btw not good.. well to keep my story short.. what keeps me writing this comment.. is that we find the Manager rude…. she gave us 1 week confirmation notice. We experience problem finding a church for our event, since according to that Manager, she can only give us Saturday schedule. When I follow-up over the phone, insisting if she could provide us a Sunday schedule since we are having problem on the church schedule… she wont give the rate since we might not afford it… Well, that obviously ended our talked.

    We had my son’s baptism in Shrine of Jesus in MOA then reception at Huey Ying Restaurant. 300/pax and 2 round iced tea (though seems unlimited na rin since waiter dont count serving per guest)… 6 main course…super full na… 3 hours venue usage.. with videoke…. good thing… staff are accomodating and courteous.. We bought lechon and paid no corkage fee, they even serve it. Then we also brought chocolate fountain. They are the one who melted our fundue and provided nice set-up for it.

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience, Daphne. So sad that your experience was not as pleasant as ours. For our case, both the manager and head waiter exceeded our expectations.

      Thanks on the tip on huey Ying resto. Maybe for our next baby, we will include that in our shortlist.

      I hope you dont mind if I share your experience to Guilly’s. That way, they also learn from their experience. I won’t name you and nor will I give your contact info.

  3. Hi Maqui,

    can i ask for the contact number of the manager of Guilly’s? im interested in having my son’s christening reception there after seeing your blog.

    you really did a great job on your son’s baptism.. can you also give the website where you got the poems for the ninong & ninang etc?

    thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Kartzen! thank you for the nice comments.
      if you are a walk in customer, yup, 239 lang ang buffet nila.
      if you want to reserve for more the 40 pax, they will charge additional fees. I think we paid close to 300 per pax.

      1. sis,
        do they accept bigger party?
        i’m looking for a venue kasi for my son’s 1st birthday party..
        can you suggest one?

  4. May I also request for the number of the manager? 🙂
    After reading your post, I am more than convinced to hold my kid’s dedication in Guilly’s 🙂
    Thanks a Lot.

    1. Hi Anna! Thanks for visiting my blog. you can reach Guilly’s at 7575003-04.
      Let me kow if you can’t reach them so I can send you the personal number of the manager via PM.

  5. Hi, Just want to ask how much did you pay per head for this event and how much is the service charge you paid to make the place exclusive for this event? and can you email me the number of the manager? we’d like to held our office team building there sana para less hassle. thank you so much!

    1. Hi Annie, the normal per head price for the buffet lunch was 240. I can’t remember exactly how much we paid but it was defintely less than 300 per pax.I will send the contact number of the manager via email. Btw, you can also fiind guilly’s in FB

      1. hi mommy maqui,
        i’m planning my son’s baptismal this coming november, unique kase yong ginawa mo na guest sheet. can i also have the details. salamat:)

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